Friday, September 17, 2010

A Perfect Fall Morning

This morning was a perfect Fall morning, the air was crisp, cool, the sun and blue skies were shining. There are a few streets that I pass on my way to work that the trees outline the street. One area by the park is my dream street. I would like to live on this street because it is sooooo pretty and the houses are very quaint. But unfortunately that won't happen in this lifetime. Not that I want to move but I looove this part of town.

This area of town is very unique and some of the houses date way back. But I love how the trees frame the street. I like to run in these areas because there is always something to look at and admire.

When the trees turn golden, the whole world takes on a glow. Gone are the hot summer days, cooler Autumn mornings are a gift. The earth is rejuvenated from the scorching heat and the lawns turn green once again. The moisture from the rain is soaked up by the trees going into hibernation. Yup, Fall is my kind of season. Sweaters, boots, jeans, scarves, layers to bundle up and take off as the day warms up. All we need is the smell of burning leaves, and roasting apples......

The Yellowhead Bridge in the background is a nemesis of a lot of runners. But once conquered, it is an exhilarating feat! Tomorrow.... Trish, Joanne and Nancy and I are off to run the trails of Otway. Have a good evening. I hope your last few days of summer are as beautiful as these...........

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