Monday, March 1, 2010

We are Golden

Well I just don't know what I'll do with all my time now that the Olympics are over....wasn't that a great end to the event with Canada getting record gold medals. I have to admit I wasn't too confident in Lou's abilities but he hung in there and made us proud. Now back to Prime Time TV. I've missed my shows and I am desperately in need of some creative time. Mindless knitting and cross stitch are almost finished.

Our little forest friends came for a visit on Saturday and stayed awhile. They are so cute but very scared when people try to get close. I tried to give them some lettuce and carrots but they ran up the bank.

Our snow is quickly melting, and I think the buds will be coming out soon. I haven't seen any flowers but it must be soon. I will have to take my camera everywhere I go in case I spot a daffodil or crocus poking it's head out.

March 1st, and Monday morning. Wow where does the time go. The girls are busy backpacking around Thailand and will be heading to Bangkok today. I don't think they will stay there too long cause it is such a huge city. I think 3 months is too long to be over there but that's their plan, I think the money will run out and once Tor leaves Kait won't be far behind.....but I could be wrong.

We went for a 90 minute run yesterday, I can't say it killed me but close, and then Joanne is on a program which she had to do a 30 minutes bike ride so I came home and did the same. I have my bike set up in the dining room on the trainer. There are parts of me today that are a little sore. But you know Spring is not far off. Have a great day!

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