Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do you ........?

Do you have a weakness for something? I do. I have to admit. As. Hard. As. I. Try. I am a "Kitchen Junkie". Sad but true. I recently started checking out a store that is mainly in the states but they do have one in Edmonton, so I may have to go on a road trip. It's Anthropologie. It has all that cutesy kitchen stuff that you need another cream and sugar bowl, I can go into kitchen stores and always find something. Back in the 1950's when all the Fiesta ware was popular and fruit motive bowls,jugs, plates were starting to come into being, well they are all coming back in style or maybe they never went out but they call me from the shelves of stores. I have an aunt and a mother whom I have gotten quite a few pieces from, and I still think ooohhhh there's a cute thingey. I love placemats, tablecloths, trivets, anything that goes around the kitchen or dining table. It's just pretty.

I really think tomorrow I will have to take a cruise by Winners and just see what is in the housewares department. Could you imagine if we had a Home Sense? No we don't want to go there. Because you know at this time of year all that adorable Easter decor will be flooding the shelves, and I don't even have little ones around. Susan's kids already think I am crazy when I hang plastic Easter eggs from the tree out front. But that is so much fun.
I made this picture for the top of my staircase a while back, I got the idea from the Thirfty Decor Chick. Who got it from Pottery Barn. I think it's rather a nice accent, it was a little tricky to do and I did make a mistake but only I know what it is.

I like the colors, and it's not shiny like the photo indicates, that would be the flash, and the words of wisdom underneath are very nice. Tomorrow is friday and I am running in the morning with the group, so I better shut it down for the night.....ciao

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