Monday, February 8, 2010

Feeling somewhat better

Well I think I am pretty much over this cold that hit me last week. Thank goodness... I don't do sickness very well. Laying around is not my thing. But I have to admit my energy level was nil. But today I went to work and I did run this morning and all that was good so I must be feeling better.

My girls have left on their trip and should be arriving in Malaysia anytime now. It was a very long flight. I hope to hear from them soon. The trip started off on a sad note but hopefully it won't ruin it for them. And they can enjoy themselves somewhat.

I spent most of my weekend working on some cross stitch initials, and then I found some very cute frames. I didn't like the color of them but that was soon solved with a little spray paint. I love doing these small craft projects that make such a smart statement. So a short preview of the finished projects.

So I've done about 5 initials now, and will finish painting the frames tomorrow.A simple, and quick craft. Just what the season calls for. Well I am off to bed. Need to run in the morning. Night!

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