Monday, February 22, 2010

Hola Amigas and Amigos

Sorry not to tell you I was going to be away but sometimes I think it's for the best. We took a week away in Puerto Vallarta, with our friends Fred and Cindy. We did enjoy the break and the little sun that was there. But to say it wasn't all it was suppose to be wouldn't begin to tell the story. It was a beautiful resort but not on my list of places to re-visit, too bad, because it is a very famous resort and location in Puerto Vallarta, but they have definite issues with their food and the preparation and possibly, the cleanliness. The resort was well cared for and the rooms were spectacular and very posh, but something is rotten in Denmark! Our friends went their in December and they didn't have any issues, and another couple we know went there and it was all good on their vacation too. I guess it was just our turn. After 6-7 times of going to Mexico, I think the odds were against us!

Between the sickness and the rain storms we did manage to pull off a gorgeous tan! Let me show you the place and you decide.

It's always nice to get away and be pampered and not have to think about the everyday events that consume our lives so on that note going on vacation was a good thing.
I think now that we are home it is a bit laughable "The Vacation from Hell" I mean, not just "I" got food poisoning, Glenn and Fred fell ill also, and on the last day Cindy was either not wanting to miss out or thought she might like to lose a few pounds. I know myself I dropped 5 pounds, heck of a way to go about it but well sometimes it just takes some extreme measures to get over that plateau. KIDDING! I would not wish that on anyone.
So lets get back to normal and get on with spring, shorts running, and gardening. I'll write a few funny stories this week about some of the going ons around the pool. Ciao for now. Buenas Noches

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