Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Towel Wars and Chair Hogs

I don't how many of you have been to all inclusive hotels but here is a funny story about the Chair Hogs and the inevitable towel wars. Everybody wants a chair when the sun is shining and of course they want it around the pool. Well each morning I kid you not before it is even light out, people are running out and laying their towels over chairs "in case" they want to lay by the pool. Now most resorts have enough chairs for their guests, but I have noticed that the larger resorts don't have the chair to guest ratio factored into their quantity of loungers. So a few mornings we would get up at a reasonable hour of 7, go downstairs around 8, and take a look around to see if there are any chairs available. Well let me tell you it is a feat in itself! So eventually, we would find chairs and drape our towels over the back and leave our books, tanning lotion, hats whatever...you get the picture and go have a quick breakfast and go back. So this one morning we are sitting in our chairs and we're just watching people around us. Well this one couple come by and obviously they had been out earlier and thought they had gotten their chairs, well I mean really all the towels are the same. So this couple that had walked by took off whoever towels were there and set themselves up, so about 2 hours later, the other couple comes by and the towel war begins, well the ones that had been sitting there for two hours stood there ground and kept the chairs and the others went off in a huff. Too funny! Well I have never been so entertained by the selfishness and pettiness of people in all my life.

It's very hard to read and tan when there is so much going on around you! There were chairs that sat with towels draped across them all day! And no one showed up but they had their chairs just in case they wanted them. Nuts I tell you!

So that's my tale, here are some beautiful flowers, hibiscus, bougainvilleas, and some others that I had no idea what they were, but I wanted to have a few photos of them so that when I am making cards I can use them.

Very Pretty! Morning dew.

Gorgeous Color!
Almost look like they are plastic.

Ahhhh, wish I could grow these at home......

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