Monday, March 8, 2010

There...that's done

So the day started off with great promise. Sarcasm! Not only did I wake up continually all night, my feet hurt, and my legs ached from the 2 hour run....I know my own fault....not the point. Well anyway, you know how sometimes you have a job to do and you always find a reason why you "don't" want to do it. Well, I had this one wall in our family room that has needed to be painted for well over a year now. Not only did it need to be painted I had filled holes and those tell tale signs were glaring at me every time I walked into the room. So today being the "first" real day off of Spring Break, I made it my mission to "get it done"! It's not that I don't like to paint, my friends would laugh at that one, but it's all the "prep" work that it involves. The cleaning off of walls, the filling of holes, getting stuff out of the way.....oh the list goes on and on. Then before you can really start rolling, you have to "cut in". I hate cutting in!!!!

The only high point of the day was "The Brier" was on at 6:30 am and went all day. Some can't understand the appeal of curling but I happen to really enjoy it. My mom and I can sit on either end of the phone and watch them throw rocks and make comments....I know weird....that's curling you either love it or refer it to it in the same category as watching grass grow. Anyway, I am not the tidiest painter, I just like to get it done.

I make a mess, thank goodness for latex paint! One thing leads to another, and well the walls get painted, the floors and windows get washed, and everything gets vacuumed.

Soooo......that was my day, tomorrow Trish and I are heading to the pool for a fun hour of water running! Have a good evening.

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