Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ah Saturday!

I was really hoping to get outside this weekend and start raking the lawns but it's not very nice. So I think it will have to wait. I hate the wind, and it just makes it that much colder, and I'm not into cold at this time of year. May just have to head to the mall and look at pretty spring clothes or something. The girls emailed from Vietnam and are really liking the country and it's history. They went to a beautiful area called Nha Trang and Jane said it was sooooo clean and the food was fantastic. The beaches had the whitest sand, and the people were genuinely nice. So that's good to hear, now they are in Hoi An, a quaint old Vietnamese town with lots of European influence in the rebuilds. I googled it and it is very nice looking with beautiful scenery.

My soldier comes home this coming Thursday! Daniel has 5 days leave before he is shipped off to Manitoba for more training. I think he will be there for 16 weeks. So I will be cooking turkey, ham, steak, hamburgers, and whatever else his little heart desires. Finally a reason to cook. I love cooking but with only the two of us around here, we hardly need to eat big meals every night. Soup is a main stay most nights, or scrambled eggs.....but it will be nice to do some bigger meals for him. It's also Leanne's birthday on the 3rd so I am going to have them for dinner on Friday, turkey night. I wonder is she would like a birthday cake with that many candles on it??? Do you think? No, best not, she may get me back!

So I have done very little this morning, besides watching design shows, watching curling, drink coffee and eat hot cross buns. Ah you gotta love the weekend. So I best get this show on the road and head out. Car needs washing and a trip to the mall is in order. Enjoy your weekend.

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