Thursday, March 25, 2010

Project Finished

I finally finished my "mirror project", my oh my, it took "A LOT" of glue! And you know how you get all those long glue hairs....Oh my goodness! They were everywhere, just like spider webs but better feeling than that thank goodness! This will be a gift for one of my daughters, and then of course if the other wants one I will be doing another. It was fun, so I won't mind, many, many shells are needed. Hokey Doodle?!!?!!

I had to put wax paper over the mirror otherwise the glare would have ruined the picture. Saw that little tip somewhere.....

Tomorrow is a day off of work. Yippee! I love Pro D days! I think there should be one a month, Kids need mental health breaks too. I know it was just Spring Break but it wasn't nearly long enough and thank goodness it is Easter next week because then we have two short weeks again! Gee I guess I sound a little too excited don't I. Well there are flower beds to clean up and lawns to rake after all.....have a good night!

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