Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring has Arrived!

Well technically Spring has sprung, not so much when you look at the temperatures. But that's ok, you can't have it all. Or can you? Mmmmmm.... The snow is gone and the grass is greening up nicely. I happened to find a few tulips poking their heads through the ground.

Saturday, the sun came out and that meant pulling out the front porch chairs. Hope fully next weekend we'll be able to have coffee out there. In the meantime, we'll dream about it! I was thinking pots of pink and purple flowers with a splash of yellow. I must remember to take my pots out to the Greenhouses to have them planted this year. They turned out absolutely gorgeous last year. Steve is thinking that too!

I was quite productive on the weekend despite Women's World Curling starting, as usual Jenny Jones is playing fantastic! I finished my craft project, picked up a "new" pair of ballet flats!! Whoop! Whoop!
Trish is home from Mexico and we ran a short 5km today. My feet felt not too bad. But just to be on the safe side, I am going to Physio a few more times this week. I am keeping them taped, and having acupuncture again. You can't be too pro-active. I mean really, they do have to carry you around day in and day out...Stayed tuned tomorrow...have a good evening!

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