Saturday, March 13, 2010

Procrastination at its best

I think I am one of the worst bloggers, I guess writing everyday is harder than it looks. I've thought about it many times but I have been in a funk all week, so I didn't get very far. Maybe that's what happens when you have all the time in the world, you procrastinate.....I don't think I should retire....could you imagine? Yikes! I work far more efficiently when I am under a deadline. I did go out everyday and do things....Trish and I ran on Wednesday...not too exciting, it was my birthday so I had to run,it was really windy and not much fun until we headed the other way. But we started going to the pool and water running. Now that is exciting! NOT! She tried to get out of it but it's good to cross train. We can't run everyday, but we do need to use different muscles.
But with Trish away next week, I think it is the perfect timing to rest my foot and go swimming and water running. Of course I will make Larry come with me, I need my swimming coach. I went to lunch a few times and that was very nice of my friends. I wanted to go on a small road trip but that idea got squashed...oh well another time. But I did go out and take a few pictures in our backyard and I call these the ravages of winter....

I especially like this can guess what it is.

So I promise I will have a few things to write about this week. The girls are in Cambodia, Tor is on his way home, and not in a healthy way, he got sick a few days ago and still wasn't feeling well when he boarded the plane....poor guy....Daniel came in from the field, he was weapons training and they think that they will be transferred to Shilo in a month.....Que cera,cera....have a good evening. I'll be back soon!

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