Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some of my faves.......

As I was editing the mass of photos, I soon realized I have an affection for shapes and angles. Some of these photos I could'nt tell you where exactly they were taken, besides Ireland. I just liked the design of them. What can I say..... I have a weird eye for things. I always think of the saying " if it walks like a duck, it must be a duck". Well that's not entirely true.........so here are just a few oddities........

I think I am beginning to come right again. Trish and I ran this morning with Susan and Tanya, we were both dreading it, but low and behold we survived and were glad that we bit the bullet and did the whole 10km. I believe the words were spoken as we headed out "I may cut short". I don't know why your mind plays these games but we were strong and felt much better for it when we were done. So we are formulating our schedule to start training for the Okanagan Half Marathon. We have about 10 weeks, so I am confidante if we're careful, there will not be any injuries.  Touch wood!

The weather has been holding its own so I've gotten the front yard cleaned up and the back semi completed. Hopefully tomorrow it will be finished till at least the weekend. I've got baking to do, and some fabric calling my name.  Not to mention, getting the son's things ready for the movers......Thank heavens for summer vacation. Now for some tea before bed......nite!

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