Monday, July 4, 2011

Life is a Bowl of Cherries

A wonderful fresh bowl of cherries
 Well I just have five more sleeps till we leave for Ireland. And yes I am getting excited. And no I haven't started packing..... I've been thinking about it........ just haven't narrowed it down yet. I work better under pressure and it Friday yet? I've been keeping an eye on the Weather Network, not that you can believe those guys, are they ever right? I think not! So where, oh where, to begin?

Our son came home on Saturday so there has been a little catching up to do, and well I have been busy, not on the weekend because it rained sooooooo much that I kind of shut down and went into hibernation mode. But today it was quite lovely so we were outside. It is nice to have him home even though he is quite bored. He's used to being busier and having more structure in his days. Plus his friends that are still around....well you know how it is when you go your separate ways in life......and his life is so different than theirs that they don't have much in common anymore. But he is going to go and visit his best friends parent for a few days, OMG that will be so hard, it brings tears to my eyes and chokes me right up. But I know he has a bond with them and I think it will be nice for Daniel's parents to hear stories of their son. Sniff........................ So "No" Life is not a bowl full of cherries some days..................But it is what it is.............

New travelling bag/purse

It is quite large for someone my size but it will serve its purpose.

Purse organizers I made, not sure how they will work but I think it is
better than just all being
dumped in, and having to dig around. At least that's my theory!
I looked around on a few blogs and went to the Etsy site to check out purse organizers and there are quite a few different styles.....and I had to play around with the dimensions as it is quite large the bag I got but it will hold everything I need to take and then some.

I spent a majority of the day outside fluffing flowerbeds,mowing grass, weed whacking,  and weeding. You have to make hay while the sun shines. Well tomorrow I think I will start packing or at least wash a few things and set them out......I hate packing..... not my favourite thing to do that is for sure. So on that note, I am just about done for the day....Oh! and Trish and I did run this morning (10km) and at a respectable hour (7:00) instead of our usual time. Can you imagine the temperature this morning was a cool 3' celsius.  What's with that in July........Tomorrow we hit the pool, then she is off to NYC for the week. Look out Broadway! Ciao.............

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