Friday, July 15, 2011

Arrived in Killarney

We are in Killarney, arrived yesterday and today we had a tour around the Ring of Kerry, yesterday was a ride around the Dingle Peninsula, beautiful scenery. We have a good group on our bus, lots of fun and laughs. Shonah is our tour guide and Toni is our bus driver. I tried to write this last night and I hope blogger will cooperate today. We walked around Killarney last night after dinner, heavens the food is wonderful! Yesterday was "Ladies Day" at the horse races. Let me tell you the dresses were out in full force and the fashionators and high heels! Oh...Lordy! It was fun to just wander around and listen to the going s on.
This the proof I did kiss the Blarney Stone. Not a great photo but you can get the idea.

Some more colorful doors.

This was gate into the town of Youghal, pronounced "You all"

This place is called Port of Cobh(Cove) and here is where the Titanic made her last voyage before she sank. Also in Cobh is where approximately 150,000 people were either forced or not given much choice in the matter were emigrated to other parts of the world. Not a nice story by any stretch of the imagination. Many sad stories......

Quaint little towns with tons of history, and so much to read and look at. I love how the buildings, they are so colorful. Not just the doors but the houses and businesses, they are so cheery looking. Well time to get ready for dinner. And apparently, I am only allowed to load a few photos at a time with blogger these days......maddening I tell ya! Later my friends.......

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  1. Very quaint indeed! I hope the weather cooperated with you.....You only missed rain here:)