Sunday, July 24, 2011

Home Again.................

I seem to have lost a week in our travels, since I haven't posted anything for well over a week, me thinks it will take a while to catch up. The last post was arriving in Killarney, well another week passed and we stopped in many more places such as Limerick, Galway, Bunratty Castle, The Cliffs of Moher, Connemara, to the marble factory, Stopping in Galway for a few nights we took a day trip out to Kylemore Abbey and the Beautiful Victorian walled gardens(that I have hopes of incorporating some ideas into my own yard before the summer is over.) I know "himself" will be so happy to hear that one! Himself is the former Hubs if yours wonderin'. The Irish refer to spouses as "himself and herself". Well this "herself" is trying to come back from  jet lag, so the mind is a "wee" bit fogged. After Galway we stopped off at Clonalis House which is the ancestral home of the O'Conors, descendants of the last High Kings of Ireland. What a gorgeous house. The library has over 7000 books, and some are original works! The family living there now are direct descendant's of the O'Conors. Then it was on to the Belleek Pottery Centre where they make all that beautiful china. We had a tour of the facility and how it is all made and the steps till the final products, certainly explains the value, when you see the amount of work and craftsmanship that goes into a single piece. I refrained from buying anything. I know unbelievable, quite proud of myself actually! The same can't be said for some others. We had about an hour and a half in the city of Sligo, did lunch and a bit of shopping where my Mum bought herself a new purse. Funny story to follow. Finally our day ended in Londonderry/Derry. This would have us in Northern Ireland. We did a walking tour of Derry, and some free time of shopping. Then we were on to the Giants Causeway. Apparently the result of geological creation, myself I preferred the fairytale version of giants and such, fighting and running back to Scotland. Far more exciting! We spent the night at Ballygally Castle, and did not see the ghost of Isabelle, thanks goodness. Our room was right next to the tower and would have been quite disturbing. From Ballygally we headed to Belfast, I truly could not have ever in my wildest dreams believe that I would ever get to Belfast. What an amazing history of turmoil, and the strength to recover and desire to live in peace. Amazing that a few can turn the tides of history by a foolish action. So Belfast was the highlight of the tour at this point. of the many but it certainly was high on the list. Too many highs.......

To say I have many photos would be an understatement, at this point I believe I have edited them down to 1200......there's still work to be done. It's quite pain staking as I would liked to have them all but I think I will just put them on a CD and then develop and enlarge a few. We returned to Dublin which is an awesome city, and if you ever get a chance to explore it you should go. Words cannot begin to described the beauty and wonders on each and every corner.  London's Heathrow Airport is a total maze of confusion! If a person misses their flight there I would not be in the lesast bit surprised. After a gruelly flight home, Mum and I stayed the night in Vancouver before heading in our perspective directions on Saturday. I know I felt I am sure Mum was totally wasted. Anyways we are home and our own beds felt so good last night. I'm still waiting for them to tell me breakfast is served.................and where is Toni with our coach?

Youghal pronounced "You All"

A beautiful house I thought I could live in.........

Clonalis House, home of the O'Conors

Making the basket weave bowls at Belleek

Queen's University of Belfast

St. Colman's Cathedral in Cobh

The Stormont Estate

The Peace Wall in Belfast at the end of a street,
 that was the center of the worst fighting.
Well I shan't bore you with too many more photos but here are just a few more to end the trip. A wonderful and fantastic trip and many new friends made over the course of two weeks. To Wendy and Maureen, it was great to meet you, Bill and Cydna, thanks for the craic and Bill, thanks for making me brave enough to try Guinness. I ope the tour of the Guinness factory met up to your expectations and I hope you didn't have anymore treks Cyd that wore you out. Take care my friends and I hope you have a wonderful summer and the sun isn't too much of a shock.

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  1. Beautful architecture.....and I agree with your opinion on the house you could live in:0 It's pretty cute.