Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh my goodness....where to begin?

Now that I am some what recovered from the jet lag there are many things that are in desperate need of would have thought with the in climate weather that things would slow down and not grow soooooo fast. Well they don't! My goodness the yard and flower beds resemble the jungle. It all looks so untidy.......But everything is very green so I will think I am still in Ireland. But with all the rain at home not much primping got done around the yard. So I am on a mission today. Also needing some attention is the fence. The son was suppose to paint it but with all the rain there wasn't a big enough window to cram it in. So I will quickly get that done before I start on the weed whacking!

Surprise Poppies! Have no idea where they came from but they are gorgeous!

Nice addition to the flower beds even if they aren't red.....oh well:)

It's so nice the sun has finally decided to come out, all the plants will feel so much happier. As will everyone else. My son has even hit the golf course. Not many days left and he will be leaving again. Sniff........Well onward with the day.......for tomorrow the running begins. Yikes! Have a wonderful day in the sun........

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