Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just another little drop cloth project

I wasn't going to start any projects but the fabric was "screaming" at me so when you get an idea you should probably go with it. I spent yesterday sewing another cuuuute apron! I got my inspiration from a coffee mug that I got from my friend Pam when she went to Disneyland. I love the colors of the cup and well I had some red polka dot fabric.............well actually, I bought it because I had this idea in mind already! I'm bad!

So I had a little time on my hands and it helps deal with the waiting of our trip.......I had a few problems with my sewing machine and it's tension. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! Boy it's frustrating when things don't work properly.....but I persevered and finally got it to sew right. My son thinks I am little bit crazy but I just told him "I'm his very own crazy"......He thought it was funny!

Anyway, without further ado......a new addition to the apron collection:

Drop Cloth Minnie Mouse Apron

A few yo-yo flower embellishments

A flowered neckline
So the next apron I have in mind is going to have ruffles on it and maybe just a flower or two. But I will have to think on that one for a few weeks until I return from Ireland.
I saw on my Cluster Map that someone in Ireland has read my blog, and I said to the Hubs wouldn't it be neat if I met that person when I was over there. Unfortunately, it doesn't say which town they are from so I have no way of knowing who you are. But I hope you enjoyed reading about my crafty life. When I was running with my friend Susan this morning she asked me if I was going to run in Ireland. No, I think I shall just enjoy the ride, and have a wee bit of a break. I have my cameras all ready to go, I plan on taking MANY photos. I will be keeping a journal so that when I get home I will have my notes to check back on for the photos. My memory isn't what it used to be, overloaded I fear. The excitement tends to take over and the brain shuts down. Any way that's my theory. So two more sleeps......................

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