Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh the pain of it all..........

Between running and crocheting there are  parts of my anatomy that are paining me. More so the wrists from marathon crocheting....oh my I got on a kick this past weekend, no thanks to Debbie I might add.....I came across a photo of a photography prop hat for newborns, and they are just SO darn cute!  I had to make four of them.....I know........ excessive....... but what a great way to use up leftover yarn...... now I need to find a photographer that does newborn shots. I also bought a pattern for a Newborn Cocoon/ Pod, now these are super cute, and for photos sessions only! Not to be used on a daily basis. The babies look just adorable curled up in these.  I love these little hats and they just whip up so fast they are fun. And the girlier the better. I did make a few blue ones for little boys, and they are sweet.......

Little People hats

Boy Hats

Girl Hats

Newborn Cocoon/Pod Photography Prop
Too Cute for words!
 As well as newborn  hats, I did make a few older children hats, just working up a girly aviator and boy earflap hat.....

Well as much as I'd like to sit and crochet....... I have a exterior wall of our house that is in dyer need of a paint job and I need to get organized and go get paint and scaffolding. It's a good thing heights don't bother me......What are you up to today? Whatever it is....... I hope you have a good one.

We had an amazing week of running but I do have to admit my knee was feeling the stress.....problem being too fast. But the Okanagan Marathon is in 6 weeks, and even though I am only doing the half. I want to be able to finish with a respectable time. And my training has been going well so i don't want to get hurt now. So I just have to slow down.

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