Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally getting my crafting on.........

I think I am on the mend...............yes Monday turned into a very productive day. I even surprised myself! Next time I mention it's time to go back to work.....would you just slap me! I must have scared myself. Because yesterday morning Trish a.k.a  "Miss Sugar Cube" was going back to bed after looking outside and seeing all the rain. So I had an early start on the day. Himself went to work. Then my crafting MoJo came back in full force. 

We ran this morning and went a little longer than normal just to make up for all the rainy days we missed. So it's all good.

I made a few things over the weekend, finished the Bebe' Blanket, sooooo adorable! Lovvvve the blue and brown combination, next is a pink and brown one, cause you just never know! Met up with Debbie and we hit Michaels pretty hard on Sunday morning, or did they hit me pretty hard? Anyway, many balls of yarn......oh I'm bad! I made a wee little blue and brown hat, a smashing red beret, a multicolored toque, a Kobo purse, two pin cushions, and a puff ball Hot Pink scarf! Yes..... it was an all out day of crocheting and crafting. The fingers were a tad sore and the shoulders are in dyer need of a massage! It rained, it poured, it thundered, there was lightning, it was a heck of a day! Perfect day to stay home and that's just what I did.

Blue with Brown Ruffled Bebe' Blanket

Olivia Wanda modeling baby hat.......
I think it will fit a very small newborn!

A dashing Red Wool Roving Beret

Steve looking very smashing in his Hot Pink Puff Ball Scarf!
Does he not just look sooooo impressed!

I think it suits me more than Steve

Another colorful Kobo purse carrier,
 complete with a flannel liner

Bottle cap Pin Cushion velcrod on top of the sewing machine

Baby food jar pin cushion and button jar
So that was my rainy day Monday. Good things do happen when the weather keeps you indoors! And I wasn't even grumpy for missing a few days of running. But hopefully the weather holds for the next few morning and we can get back on schedule, or there's going to be some hurting going on.......enjoy the rest of your day.......and stayed tuned for the next projects in the works! Only two weeks left! Yikes!!!!!
                       Stay Calm and Keep Crafting On

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