Thursday, August 18, 2011

Catching up on the week.....

Arrived back home late yesterday with a car full of treasures. It's such a long drive by yourself to Vancouver, and since I don't like listening to music all that much, CBC starts to wear on a person. But I made good time going down on Monday , had a really nice visit with Aunt Ev and some shopping before calling it quits for the day. It was one of those visits that tugged at your heart strings and made me quite teary on Monday night when I was sitting in her house without her.....not a good feeling. So, on Tuesday morning I was up early and hit a few stores before going over to the home, I bought myself a "new" running jacket from the Running Room, thought I deserved a new color for the fall/winter running season. Burnt orange, or red whatever you prefer. Really pretty, a real hit with all the ladies at the home!

Spent the day with Aunt Ev and then had to do a few things in the afternoon, then back to the home with Timbits and coffee for a snack. We spent a few hours chatting and talking about Ireland and then left while she had dinner. Once I got my car packed up I went back to the home for the evening and we chatted outside on the deck till it cooled off and I took her to her room and we had another talk till visiting hours were over and the staff was getting everyone ready for bed. It was a very quick trip but a good one. I hope I can get down there again before the winter sets in. But I don't think it is far off!

The drive back home was nice and sunny until I hit the half way point and then it was off and on miserable. Welcome back to the north! But it is suppose to be nice this weekend. I stopped off in Quesnel and went into Fabricland, yooo whoooo!!!!! Fabric and all on sale! Then with a membership ........almost FREE!. More aprons to come.

I have a few new cabinets for will be a sewing chest and the other one...... I am still thinking on.
Auntie Ev and Me, I hope I'm in this good of shape when I'm 95

An old Teapot, memories...............of Auntie Ev and tea

Storage cabinet, that weighs a ton, solid wood.....mmmmmm what to put in it?

Auntie Ev got this cabinet from Singer when she bought her sewing machine
 so I think I will use it to put odds & ends, threads and such in......

From the Cozy Home Decor Store in Abbotsford, just awesome!
Well that has been my three days to start the week. Trish and I ran 8km this morning and boy was it chilly! Fall is definitely in the air. So the Fall decor is coming out next week. Might as well not fight it.
Enjoy your day!

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