Monday, September 5, 2011

Ouch! This is goin' hurt.........

Heavens! September 5th already!.......Can we please puts the brakes on! What a week I've had.............a little crocheting, book reading, a whole lotta painting..............sewing the "sweetest" slipcover! Thank you Miss Mustard Seed! Yup, it was a hum dinger of a week, I didn't think it would go by so fast but it's done and it's back to work tomorrow. I'm not sure that having the summers off is very conducive to productivity especially this summer. Most summers I have a list and work my way through it but with going to Ireland for the two weeks and then a power trip down south, I've been kind of "out of sink".

We have done a fair bit of running this summer since the temperatures were unseasonably cooler so I guess that's a "good thing", and we have managed to stay reasonably uninjured. We laughed this morning that we ran a half marathon in two days 18km yesterday and 7km more today. So we out did ourselves. It's just about time for a new pair of runners....wish they lasted longer but around the 600km mark you can really feel the pavement.

So Himself and I painted the one side of our house this past weekend. No small feat let me tell you! It's the side that gets all the intense sunshine, rain, snow, sleet ....whatever, so it didn't have a lot of paint left on it. And after scouring the town for a painter we gave up and had to do it ourselves. So being as I am the smaller one and Himself being the bigger and stronger one, I was relegated to the top of the ladder.  I'm not crazy about heights but once I'm up there I do okay. And I would rather he holds the ladder than me trying to hold it for him......size does matter in this case!

So anyway it's done and looks great! Thanks goodness! Do not want to have to repeat that ever!

So here is the before of the ottoman I wanted to cover....not totally ugly but just does not go with my new chair.

old ottoman

New slip covered ottoman and "new" chair
 I think I did a pretty darn good job! I've never made piping before but with Miss Mustard Seed's tutorial it was a piece of cake. Well......kinda.....but not nearly as hard as they make it out to I'm happy and of course it was another drop cloth project. Gotta love that stuff! Mmmmmm.......what else needs a new look?

Well that's it for this weekend. Hope you all had a nice long weekend, back to school Tuesday. When my wrist recovers from painting..... I will have to get busy crocheting some more projects.....we are going to be in the Artisans Fair at our local University.......Happy Labour Day!

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