Saturday, September 17, 2011

Beautiful Fall Morning..................

This is my favourite time of the year. The air is crisp, the colors are vibrant, leaving are changing, and you just feel alive. Summer is nice and its warm.....well if you're lucky enough to have warm......we eventually got summer in August and the first half of September has been really wonderful. The morning are very cool for running but as of yet, I have not packed away the shorts, but I am wearing long sleeves and mitts to start out! the best part about the north, when the weather cools the blue skies there are some good points to being "way up north", well not exactly "waaayy" but far enough as far as I am concerned, I certainly wouldn't be moving any further......lately my dreams have been leaning south......not sure where that might be but somewhere closer to my mother and my girls.

Less than a month till the BMO Okanagan Marathon......I do believe its three weeks tomorrow. Ha! Piece of cake! Not doing anymore super long runs but tomorrow we will attempt to go between 10-15km just to keep up the momentum.....This week has been a good week and my pace is good right now, but I might have to slow down a bit so that I have some fuel to end the last 5km.

Debbie and I have been making as many hats, cowls, novelty knits as possible, but have not heard from the organizers of the Artisans Fair. Quite frustrating! I think I will have to take a drive up there.

Michael's has had an amazing amount of coupons lately, so we have been taking full advantage of that, getting yarn for a few dollars a ball. Well as you can tell the week has flown by once again. But I guess that's ok must mean I have been busy. So many things happening at this time of year and so many things to do......I often feel like I am a figure in a Dr. Seuss story. Can't be a good sign *********!!!!!!!!!!!:))))))) Oh well................I have about 10 new balls of yarn to work on this weekend, go for a long run, grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry, flowerbeds, and a Blessingway for a new mom-to-be. Yes this weekend too will fly by. The Hubs found himself turning in the old truck yesterday for a new truck and must say a "prettier" truck. All the bells and whistles........boys and their toys........a beautiful winter white. Won't show the dirt and dust like the shiny black, same make and model but new.

Today I might haul out the Fall decor, certainly feels like it, I love these sweater pumpkins I made last year.....and with the official first day of Fall next week time to changeover.........because you know........the next big one is only three months away. Egad! Say it's not true!

                                       Have a wonderful Saturday! Any plans?????

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