Thursday, September 8, 2011

Right Back at It.................

Just like I thought.......... going back to work after having 10 weeks off, seems like I didn't miss a beat! Isn't that a scarey thought! It's nice to see all the people we work with and I appreciate that they are not as lucky to have the summer off. I for one, am very thankful  I have the job I do. I 've often thought of changing careers over the years and venture in a new direction..... only to jump ship and go back to what I know.  But I stay in the place that gives me so much time off with my children when they were growing up, and free time just to do all my artistic crafting!......So in that regard, I am fortunate.

At one time, I wanted to be a nurse, a policewomen, a journalist, a photographer.....well ....small children and life's routines get in your way of your dreams. So one has to make at times you live your life vicariously through your children. I have a daughter whose a nurse, a son who is in the military, and a daughter with a BA in Business and loves to write! Then I play with my camera.....speaking of which I need a newer and better one. Hint!! Hint!!........

Well there is no running this morning my buddy is hurting....yup did her hips in......I thought this would happen, Trish has been feeling the pain for a few days so I think she needs a few days to rest. That's ok..... after our runs this weekend, I know I can run a half..... so I will just maintain for the next month.

 I found these weird little mushrooms in the backyard and I am sure they are poisonous, or toxic, because when you run over them with the lawnmower they go "POOOOOOOOOF"!

these look like there should be
 a little Fairy lurking near by......

A mushroom flower

These are the ones that go "Poooooooof!"
 Well since I am up at the crack of dawn >>>>>>>>> I will go find some yarn.:))))))))...............what shall it be today?????? Time for a another cup of "joe" before himself gets off to work. Have a wonderful sunny day! It's going to be gorgeous!

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