Friday, March 11, 2011

Whoop, whoop it's the weekend again!

I love the weekends. They are my favourite days of the week. As soon as Friday afternoon hits, my creative brain kicks into high gear. So with a quick stop into Zellers I picked up some wool, ya ya..... I need more wool.....besides I want to try something different this weekend. Crocheted flowers that my friend Debbie makes a be-jillion of in her spare time.  They are super cute and I thought they would make great embellishments for all the hats I have been making. Anyway that's just one of the things I have planned. Our daughter Kait is coming up tomorrow partly for my birthday that was yesterday and partly just because she needs some hometime. So I will bake up a storm for her to take back for herself and BF and her sister. I had the most perfect day yesterday. Birthdays are fun no matter what age you turn and I am thankful for all my good friends, family and my good health. All thou after giving blood yesterday, I was feeling a little tuckered so I must remember to bulk up on fluids and good food this weekend. Or else my running will suck the life right out of me this weekend.

I mentioned that I had made a few more hats and here they are.....and there will be quite a few more after the weekend with the recent purchase of 4 balls of yarn. I think I am turning into a Yarnaholic, and it's going to take more than a 12 step program to cure me! I'll blame it on Debbie, it's her fault.

Well have a great weekend and I hope you have plenty of blue skies and sunshine. And you don't live anywhere near the ocean and have cause for concerns about tsunamis. Have a wonderful day!

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