Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sometimes I do declare.....

I really need to have lessons in setting up templates and backgrounds.....................I'm not a computer whiz and I will gladly admit that it totally frustrates the "heck" out of me!!.............but I shall persevere and muddle on. Another beautiful day in the frozen north. NOT! It started out quite nice and we actually got to run on "pavement"! What a treat that was for a change. But it did not last.  I think it snowed for a few hours today, and it was a wet, heavy snowfall. So I am positive it means it's finally going to warm up. A girl can only dream......

So Steve and I have a running battle each time I try to sit and crochet or knit. He loves a ball of wool, and a pattern to curl up on. He is a smart little guy but irritating beyond words. I know his little ears perk up the minute he hears paper and immediately comes a running. So of course I couldn't resist.........he's just so darn cute!

He's thinking, "I don't know what your problem is.  I am purrrrrectly capable of figuring out how to make this hat!"

Well, he did help me make three new hats, so I guess it's not tooo bad that he wants to help. I will be put them up another day. Have a good evening.  I'm done like dinner for today!

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