Monday, March 7, 2011

A Perfectly Good Reason.................

There's a perfectly good reason why I am writing this blog post at 5:00 am on a Monday morning. You see our plan was to run this morning from my house to the bridge, a respectable 10km but as it happens this morning, much to my surprise when I checked the weather channel it was -22C, okay wimp me out! I admit, but you need to understand we live by the river and it's probably a few degrees colder soooooooooooooooo....................we are going to the pool at 6 instead. Well enough said, we did get in a run on Saturday morning, not a pleasant experience with a fresh snowfall of 6-7 inches. But we did about an hour and half and we were still speaking when we finished. Hahahaha! No! Really! Trish was not smiling! It's similar to running on the beach except a lot I was really hoping that the weatherman would bring us some warmer temps but apparently its just not today. was your weekend? After our run on Saturday, and a dentist appointment I went into weekend hibernation mode, and set up shop in my kitchen, sewing, crocheting, and baking. The snow is much prettier looking outside from a nice cozeee house.

I made up a fabric case for all my knitting needles. I hate plastic cases so hence all these new fabric covers. My cases were all getting old, I won't admit how old but they were starting to crack and fall apart. Similar to me, I think......Ah enough said. As I have said before I have a major problem with following patterns so there is a lot of improvising. But they work and turn out just lovely. At least I think  so.

Iron-on stenciled number marking sizes of needles

Separate pockets and numbers to mark each needle has a home :*)

Rolled Knitting Needle Case

Antique Button holding ties in place.
Also to mention no fabric was bought to make this and it took a total of a few hours between curling ends and a few times I admit, I had to rip out stitches and re-think the pattern......I just think I need more practise making up patterns. I am really quite handy, it's just when the ADHD and OCD get in my way.
I love the weekends...........when I get to hibernate and spend my time doing crafty things. I made the Hubs gooey Cinnamon buns with cream cheese frosting yesterday also. And no I am not touching those babies, there's a bikini I need to wear in a month. Yikes! Get a move on with those crunches! Have a great day!

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