Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm Came Back!

Well I came back! Not because I wanted too but it was time to let my girls get on with their week. I went down to visit them on Saturday and stayed till Wednesday. There was a lot of shopping and a lot of eating. It was nice to get away from the land of ice and snow but of course the first day I was there, what did it do? SNOW! And I don't mean just a few flakes, we are talking a good 4 inches of thick, heavy, wet snow. OMG! I am so done with winter. So of course I had to do a little "Sprinter" shopping. So the little treats I picked up should get me through till Spring actually arrives. Or maybe "Sprummer?"

New Spring flats in coral pink!

Pier One Apron hanger

New Mrs. Cleaver Aprons

Theeeeee cutest darn yo-yo flowers

A little more yarn to feed my addiction

Absolutely theeee most beautiful yarn to make ruffle scarves

New Lulu Groove Run Shorts

Funky Hat

And last but not least my other addiction -
Scarves- for Spring!
 Now seriously, I need to do some Spring cleaning with the days I have left of Spring Break but with my new yarn it may be hard to do dust bunnies and Spanish lace (spider webs) but I will find time to get it all done. Trish and I were back on the road this morning and it was a tough one today. We slugged out 9km. but it wasn't pretty today. Better luck on Saturday. In the meantime, the World Women's Curling is on TSN so I need to shake this bootie and get some things done. Have a great day!

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