Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I really need to retire.............

I know I keep saying this but I don't ever seem to follow through with the threat! I've been perusing through a few of my favourite blogging girlfriends and realize that there is just so much fun going on that I am missing. And it's just not fair!!!!! Spring is in the air! NO! Really! I do not jest! Yesterday was the first day you could really feel the warmth of the sun penetrating through the layers of clothing! I mean seriously it is the middle of March.......there should be some grass poking through SOMEWHERE??????

So I am going to take a short road trip to see my girls on the weekend and hopefully get in some shopping and wear some Spring clothes for a few days and not have to worry about stepping in 2 foot deep puddles....... I did a mass baking and cooking on the weekend and I still have a few more things to bake to take down to them.....ya ya I know, they are spoiled. But that's OK they love me and I love them.......so what's the big deal they gotta eat too!

I have been very busy crocheting a few more hats, (gee.... ya think:))))) there's someones birthday coming up and I thought it would be a cute combination, so you will just have to wait to see this duo. Otherwise it will spoil the surprise. But firstly, I want to get my Spring wreath out the front door and encourage that rabbit along......there's not much chance I will be hanging eggs in any tree for a few weeks so that will have to wait.

So I wonder which one it will be.....I know I have a few to choose from.........................

Could you just imagine this hanging around with all that chocolate? Ha! It would be dessicated before you could say "Peter Rabbit"!!!! No, I am thinking something with some flowers and eggs, so I better get a move on. Also I need to get this morning show on the air. Work? What a nasty word at this time of the morning......jeez. Well you all have a wonderful day! Happy crafting! I'll be thinking of you!

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