Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oops I did it again!

Well I have committed to another race....not a big one as far as distance, but a race none the less. The greatest distance is getting to where it starts!

Yup you got it! California here we come! My running friends from PG decided to do this marathon in honor of a near and dear friend who passed away this past year while running a race himself in Australia. So his wife got the idea wouldn't it be nice to go to the first ever marathon he ran, which was the CIM, well then a bunch of others got on board and now there are a dozen of us going. So thankfully there is a relay and that's what I will be doing, because there is no way I could run farther than 10 km at this point.

I'm going to run today hopefully for an hour and a half and yes there will be walking involved in order to go that far in this town, there are too many hills not too, because I cannot for the "love of God" run uphill for any length of time. Mostly because I am still struggling to get my aerobic level back up after being off all summer.

I'm really excited about going to Sacramento and seeing all my running buddies. I haven't been to a race with them for two years since we all went to the Okanagan Marathon and that weekend was life changing, my first half and the weekend we took the plunge and the Hubs applied and got a new job 500 miles away. So let's get started with the training. Time for toast and peanut butter, then back home to tidy up and start a new crochet project.......... there's a new baby in the family! Have a wonderful day and see you soon!

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