Monday, October 21, 2013

Back again....

Sorry to be away for so long but I get in a forward motion and forget to come back to present day! I have been very busy, but then when aren't we when we are creating! Not to mention I am back running and trying to get in three or four days a week which is a challenge. The days aren't long enough and with not many street lights, it makes for rather dark and dangerous. So I would rather do classes of weights or what have you. Our mornings are REALLY foggy this past week, you can't see across the water most days.... but sometimes the afternoons are quite lovely but then I am usually at work so there is no running.......any who~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Apparently, as the Hubs pointed out in my last post I mentioned a "new baby" in our family, well it is in my family but my cousins new granddaughter and since we are like sisters. she's in my family just not ONE of OUR children's child. Sorry for the faux pas Lee! Any baby is fine with me. I don't care who it belongs too. I like to take ownership! And what better reason to make something, so I am.

This is the pattern I am making with the Bernat Softee Chunky yarn........this is not Sophie, the little girl I am referring too, is three weeks on Friday. But I'm starting to think that I might keep this one in my hope chest............for my own future little noodle, :*)

I had a bit of a challenge figuring out the pattern as it didn't make a lot of sense, but after a few times of starting over it is very simple, so I can mindlessly pick it up and start. But I think it is going to use more yarn than the store had in stock so unless I can get more this weekend at Michael's, I will have to edge it in a coordinating color, but it will look very pretty with a scalloped edge.

Now with winter approaching, the seas are starting to get a little rougher so the driftwood has been arriving on the beaches and I have a few ideas I would like to try, and I have a friend who would like a driftwood sailboat....... and these would look great on a scarf, vest, hat........

Driftwood Buttons

Fairy Doors, I have many ideas for making these!

Hanging Driftwood Sconce

How easy these lights would be to make. They would look great hanging around a deck for the evenings.

Driftwood Sunburst
With all the left over bits I have....... I know I can pull this one off. Well time to move on to my next project. Lunch!
 Have a wonderful day!

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