Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New places, new friends

I've lived here for three winters now and I am just starting to explore further away from home. There are amazing trails, and hikes around the coast. They're beautiful, if you are into the "great outdoors", not that I ever really was, but as I get older I am starting to appreciate the beauty in my own backyard. One of my "new" girls, Carol,  is a runner also, also new to the coast from Alberta, and far more of the "outdoors adventure woman" than I ever aspire to be, but she has opened my eyes to some great trails and awesome places to go kayaking.  Who knows she may convert me to some degree but I draw the line at snowshoeing or anything remotely to do with that 4- letter "S" word.  This is the place we found on Tuesday......spectacular inlets, forest, scenery, that will take your breath away......

Beginning of the park.....
Amazing park with great trails,
have to take the hubs
up here for this hike in the woods

This is the cove where you can put in your boats, quite
the little summer places around this rocky inlet.
I think the weight training classes
 are starting to pay off!

We were doing a stretching routine and
thought we test our strength

That's been my week so far, I stopped in at my mom's after our Smugglers Cove run and re-upholstered a footstool my dad had made many moons ago, he was pretty talented, and I think I follow in his foot steps but with a few less staples and nails. Mom and I were laughing that only Dad would put that many staples into holding it all together. That baby was never falling apart. So back at work and I wonder what mischief I can find to get into this week......what are your plans for the rest of the week?

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