Monday, January 13, 2014

Off the grid......

Sorry about being inconsistent with my blogging but my days are full and my evenings are spent in so many directions, concentrating on one thing is getting harder and harder. I think I need a technology break!

I can see a vacation in my future.

Work has slowed down these days therefore my mind starts to wander in different crafting directions. I have been trying my hand at painting, not just rooms but art. I haven't had any training but that's never stopped me, but I do think it would be helpful if I had a lesson or two. So that is on my agenda for this year. There are so many wonderful artists here on the coast and I tend to loose confidence in my ability but I am sure everyone goes through those feelings, but I do it for me and no one else, so I dabble.................a fellow blogger, Claudia said it best in her last post about winter being a time to slow down and enjoy the peace and get in touch with yourself. Thanks Claudia for the reminder. Love your new hat! So you!

Myself, I have been thinking about the activities that give me a feeling of accomplishment, knitting or crocheting is one of them. Its something you can do and just enjoy the moment.

I started knitting and crocheting after taking many years off.  I bought some beautiful  yarn in many colors (because one ball is never enough!), and then I got to work, crocheting furiously for two days straight until I realized that my new infinity scarf was disproportionately huge. I had to undo everything and start over, my enthusiasm somewhat dampened. But I was not discouraged, I began searching for patterns on the net and and my addiction and love for yarn grew. Why would anyone spend so much time making a hat or scarf when you can go out and buy a piece for a fraction of the cost......I will tell you is a way to feel proud and more conscious of your surroundings. Granted buying yarn at Michaels is more economical than purchased yarn from local farmers or independent fibre stores but when you make something yourself you wear it with pride.

Knitting is a way to reclaim independence. We live in a world where we depend on certain individuals and companies to perform highly specialized tasks for us. There’s something satisfying about taking on some of the responsibility for clothing production and sending a message to the industry that I don’t need them to make my scarves.

Knitting can help a local industry. It wasn’t cheap to buy two skeins of that locally produced yarn, but at least I’m making a statement with my consumer dollars to a nearby farmer, endorsing his or her decision to make a living raising sheep. According to the stats, if every American or Canadian redirected 1 percent of their disposable income to domestically-made products, it would create 200,000 jobs. Cheap imported clothes become a lot more expensive when you calculate the loss of domestic jobs.
So my baskets full of yarn do have a purpose, and as of now I am busy making projects that my future generations will enjoy. Maybe premature, but enjoyable and relaxing all the same. And that's why I like to sit and knit or crochet. Nothing says love like a homemade project........
Have a great day and take time to do something special for yourself.

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