Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A few days with friends.............

Since moving to the coast, I have to say that the friends I have made, have made the move a whole lot easier leaving my friends back home........even thou my home is here now, and I love it, I spent too many years not to call it my home base.

But the last few days I have spent a few hours with my new 'girls'. Monday Sue and I played hooky in the afternoon and took off to the beach for our sea glass scavenging and driftwood picking, it was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day that January seldom produces. So we took advantage of it for a few hours.

Driftwood Monster

Amazing Driftwood Root

Georgia Beach
Sunny afternoon at Georgia Beach
Peak-a-boo I see you!
Such a fantastic day!

Well so much for Monday and its housework, laundry, and recycling, better luck next time! Time well spent with my first friend in my new home. Thanks Sue for playing hooky!

For all my dear friends back home!
 You are never far from my heart!

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