Sunday, September 15, 2013

San Francisco was a blast!

Back from the Bay City, beautiful weather the whole time, lots of sites but not as many as we had hoped. It's very time consuming trying to see a whole city. Having a car might have made things more accessible but then parking is a major problem. Oh well the girls and I had fun. We shopped, oh did we shop! DSW has to be the best place on earth for shoes! Yup, 10 pairs between the three of us........not too shabby. We took cable cars, trolley cars, buses and cable trains. I think that's what they were called. A crazed taxi driver, who made us feel truly welcome to the streets of San Francisco. OMGoodness! What a ride from downtown that was! Hilarious! Really funny guy!

We did a Hop on Hop off bus tour and managed to stretch it over two days. Made the round trip the first day and hopped off the second day and shopped around Haight Ashbury. Although I was quite young in 1967, I do remember the "Summer of Love", the hippies, the sit-ins, the psychedelic pictures, tie-dyed clothes, the flowers in the hair. The drugs they could have done without, many were ruined mentally and the effects were passed along to their children, but that's another day......We made it to see the Painted Ladies and I have to say I was a little disappointed. I really thought they would look spectacular. There were far prettier houses but I guess its more the fact they survived the earthquake and the fire.

I really thought they would have been painted
brighter colors but they are pastel colors.....oh well
there went that vision......

The sites of San Francisco are amazing, and I guess the sunny skies made it even more beautiful. I'm very glad I went with the girls and maybe we can do it again sometime.

Street Singer,
 who sang very much like Neil Diamond

The drivers were nice enough to take our pictures on
 the back of the trolley car,
such great guys, really made the ride fun!
Down at Pier 39
the infamous prison


The girls at Union Square, coordinating

Old School House on the island

Well I think that's enough for now...... In total I took over 200 photos, with three cameras, crazy but fun. I love taking pics of old buildings and the curves and angles....they are probably boring for some but they look so different when you're up close and personal.

By the time we were flying home we were some tired, my feet were sore, so it took a few days but I did my first run today, since breaking my foot and it felt really good! Yea! Thank goodness. It could take a while to get back up to speed but it felt so good to get back out there. I will have to gage myself and take it slow for the first week. So here's hoping! I'll be back soon with a few more of my favourite photos! Have a good night! Ciao!

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