Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Last few shots of The City by the Bay...

The old lighthouse is still standing on Alcatraz but its getting pretty worn out. Along with the rest of the buildings. It's a shame it couldn't be restored but it would cost way too much money.  I am sure even with all the tourist money, it's not even close to the repairs. I imagine one day it will just be a massive ruin until a developer comes along and builds an island condo complex on the Rock.

A few of the ruined buildings look like sets out of an old movie......and I guess they are!
We didn't go through the doors of Saks, as I didn't win the lottery before we left.
We did frequent here though............

A little easier on the wallet, Nordstroms, another lottery store.....and as hard as I tried to find earrings down there, and a new purse, where do I find them? That's right.....right here at home......go figure!

The biggest damage had to be at DSW, and there's no hard feelings about that.

Well back to work tomorrow, its been a normal week other than the non-stop house cleaning! Excuse me but where did my maid disappear too? The rains will be starting this weekend, and who knows when they will quit, apparently there is a storm brewing off the coast. Time to get out the yarn! I did a couple of runs this week. The second one was a wee bit of a bummer, as my legs were sore, but I am better now. Doing my other classes also this week, so should start seeing some signs of fitness returning.

The biggest change of all this week is....................

that's right, we have curls and an inch cut off. I don't think my son will mind, it only needed to be tidied up. He's doing fine, if not a tad bored but I like bored.....So now that we are well into September its about time I got out some Fall decor, seems like I just packed it all away! You know me and pumpkins so I'm getting together a few of my favourite pumpkin recipes......I'll share them with you soon. But for now I have my pumpkin patch shoes to carry me into Fall.

Totally cute and comfy too!

Well time to shut it down for the night. Peace to all, have a good week!

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