Thursday, November 8, 2012

Its not my fault........

that I have the attention span of a gnat! There are just too many things to do. I think I have too much space in my head and that requires me to always go looking for something to fill in the empty as it nears the Christmas season, I feel its my obligation to go full board for a few months and then peter out come January (then go lay on a beach somewhere and recooperate).........I really should learn to space my projects through out the year and then I wouldn't get such a head rush....... like eating ice cream! Or is that a brain freeze? Either way, I am my own worst enemy.....but boy do I luuuuuvvvve crafting!

So as I said, these are a few things that are teasing my brain right now. I would like to blame Pinterest but I've seen these before and just haven't gotten around to making any of them.................yet!

PB Poinsettia Pillow....I'm sure you've seen them and thought "yikes" I
can make that!

I was going to make this last year and then "poof" we were moving and didn't seeing as I have a few weeks till the festive got it........I will start today! Then I saw this one today..................

Another PB holiday pillow......
could be a little more finicky but oh what the heck!
I've kind of gotten into a sewing jag lately and it's a nice change, as the carpal tunnel from crocheting has taken its toll but that's neither here nor there.....I will these are in progress at the moment............

These were on Martha's website years ago
but they are just so darn cute I couldn't resist

These are of late on Martha's site and
I know someone that loves tomatoes
So I am thinking there is going to be many hours spent out in the studio for the next few weeks.....a good thing the Hubs bought me a heater that makes it toasty warm, and with my tunes playing it is quite a peaceful place to be. Well must run and organize my ideas into a hard copy version before the ol'timers sets in and I forget what I was going to do! Enjoy your day and happy crafting!

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