Sunday, November 25, 2012

I love Sundays.......

Sunday is probably my favorite day of the need to hurry anywhere just putter about and do whatever, my day to bake and venture out to my studio. I have  bread dough making for the pizza roll, the house is vaccumed and the laundry is done. Lazy me did not go running this morning, just wasn't into it. It's been a few weeks now so another day isn't going to make a difference one way or another. So I managed to get a few photos of the house and still working on getting some others straightened out. May have to start from scratch........

The picture in the background is now wrapped
in gold paper and cream ribbons and bows
And magically its wrapped, the glare from the paper
is apparently something I will just have to live with
in the photos, plays havoc with the white balance and
all that technical word mumbo jumbo.... I totally get it
but I don't think my camera will allow me to get too technical.
mmmm......maybe its time to get a more advanced one Santa!
Red Charger plates from the $ Tree make for a colorful table,
 either Christmas dishes or the cream and gold china.
My PB version of the Poinsettia pillow, and
it turned out so nice, I made one for my Mom too.
The large picture over the fireplace,
was gifted wrapped to go with the color theme
My new skinny I say, the jury is still out
on this small of a tree, but I have put a skirt around the bottom now
so that does help, but I may have to get a little bit fluffier one next time.
Well thats about it for now, I may have better ones to post later but for now, I'm liking the colors and that's the main thing. Well bread dough is done, time to make the pizza roll. Ciao for now. Enjoy your Sunday! Thanks for stopping by!

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