Thursday, November 15, 2012

Catching up.................

I have to say this week has gotten away on me and here it is Thursday and back to work.......goodness me I don't know what I would do if I had a real job.....maybe be more organized, I don't know but I do know there isn't enough of me to go around these days! And to think I want to start my Christmas decorating , so I started by clearing away all the Fall decor and putting things away and finishing off some projects. My daughter was on my case about posting some crafts so here there are honey..........

My daughter's rag quilt.....bigger than
originally planned but will fit nicely
on top of a double bed
 When I was making Jane's quilt, it was getting bigger, and bigger because I didn't count the squares off quite right so instead of a lap quilt it turned into something a tad bigger, but its a beauty and very cozy.

Kitchen gadget pedestal plate......why you say?

Just because it looks pretty
and I hate things around the sink
and this way they are up and away

A pair of cozy slippers, the easiest pattern ever!
An evening of your favourite shows and

This is a one large skein scarf that works up very quickly,
I love the shell pattern......

Matching slouchy hat

A pair of "little guys" slippers
So now that I am caught up on a few things, time to start Christmasizing the house. My first room is going to be the the front porch, all cleaned up, but I am missing a few things from the move last year, so I've had to re-think my orginal plan, and after much preusing of blogs around the web, I have kinda sorta figured it time to get this show on the road........did I mention how out of shape I am?  Sue and I started a 30 minute workout twice a week.......OMGoodness! What a muscle burner! As a runner, I am about as flexible as a 2x12! So this is going to be good for me, and as I found out last night, there are "ab" muscles in there and they are screaming in agony! But that's a "good thing"......right? So Sue and I are doing this workout and trying to pump up the activity by cross training! Well wish me luck....I'm beginning to think growing old graciously is the way to go! But then I say "heck no''! I'm going to fight it the whole way! I hope you have a wonderful day and you're starting to think about how you're decorating for the season! Catch you later......................

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