Monday, March 4, 2013

Not just another beautiful day......

At times it's really hard to come to grips with the beautiful world which I have the privilege to live in. When its cloudy, gray, and drizzling day in and day out, beautiful days like yesterday and today must not be taken for granted but to be cherished. After all, it is winter for a few more weeks, so we are very lucky to have these sun filled days.

The Hubs and I went into the city yesterday to do a little shopping, and it was the first day without rain for quite awhile, so on the way home on the ferry, I couldn't help but play the part of a "tourist" and revel in the majestic "Ah, Ah" of the coastal mountains and all their glory. Fresh snow covered the peaks against the blue skies dropping down to the cold dark blue sea......quite fantastic!

So for my friends and followers who have never been to the west coast of Canada, I hope you enjoy a little bit of our paradise and I do hope one day soon, you too will have a chance to revel in the beauty of our great country.

The Beautiful Sunshine Coast
The Hubs and friend taking a hike
through the rainforest
Small waterfall at Cliff Gilker Park

By the edge of a slightly larger waterfall

 One of the many foot bridges over creeks and
windfall built throughout the park
 A wonderful place for a walk on a
dismal day in February.

 Well another busy week and a special little girl arrived this morning at 5:12 am so my cousin is now a gramma, so time to get my pink on and whip up a few little projects for my "new niece"! Amelia Nicole! Hope to see you back here sooner than later. Have a wonderful week!

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