Monday, March 18, 2013

Mega Monday Madness

Jeepers Creepers I can't believe how time flies! We are already half way through March and Spring arrives in two days! There are many tell tale signs that it is just waiting to burst out in full bloom. Many of my perennials are well above ground and the grass is growing in leaps and bounds. The trees are budding and even the lilacs are starting to bud! It was a full week last week, I had a birthday in the beginning, and to tell you the truth, that I wasn't feeling my age would be a lie! Some days I feel young and full of energy and then, there's other days that it doesn't matter, parts aren't communicating! But needless to say I still managed to do wonders and (blank) miracles as well as working! Work has been rather crazy as our store is changing into a full blown Benjamin Moore Signature store, so there is lots to be done in a few weeks.

Sooooooo.......I mentioned that my niece had her baby so first thing was to finish up an Owl project for Amelia's Room.


They don't seem that hard but there was a little fiddling around and I did some top stitching around the eyes and added a few embellishments. I don't like putting buttons on baby things so I made sure they were well sewn and anchored. I think they turned out really cute. So packaged up and sent out to the newest addition and her family.

Then is was on to some Spring cleaning because it doesn't matter how hard I try I am the worst at starting new projects and leaving others waiting to be finished.....sooooo.....I finished up a few others and put things away, I really think I need a maid so that cleaning quits interfering with my life. Laundering, vacuuming, and scrubbing the house are so boring compared to crafting!

I have been following a blog Day By Day Crochet and I love her ideas, but unfortunately she has a very long wait list for some of her hooks and stitch markers so I tried my hand at making a couple myself, they turned out cute and I hope my friends will like them.

Then there was the wine rack I saw from the girls at Shanty2Chic, they blow my mind at the things they come up with so without all their handy tools and a bit of scrounging around I managed to make one of my own without buying a thing other than the wine to go in it, and a very sturdy wall hanger. So in total to make the rack cost me $4.00 and then the wine probably $40.........They had to be fairly skinny bottles with a thinner neck.......but I love it!

Well crafting projects are done and the guest room is finished, so I will take some photos next of that and post tomorrow.......loving the Revere Pewter! Loving grey, white, gray, and silver! Sooooo excited when a vision comes to life. Ciao for now and get your Spring crafting on! Eggs, rabbits, anyone?

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