Sunday, March 31, 2013

Have a Hopping Good Day!

Happy Easter to all my Peeps! I've been just a tad busy and working WAY too much lately and I think it could get worse before it gets better but only for a short term. Which is a very good thing!

Just on this last Friday, I went into the city and had Lasik surgery and I cannot tell you what this has done for me. I've had to wear glasses or contacts for many years, and haven't ever really been happy with either. So recently I have been checking out the LasikMD people and talking to many people who have under gone the surgery and finally got up enough courage to go and have it done. I have to tell you there are no words to describe my level of sight! OMgoodness! Totally beyond comprehension! I knew it would be better than what I saw through glasses or at least as good....but never would I have thought this! Totally mind blowing! The details that I have been missing! The sharpness and clarity that I have been missing! If you have ever considered going into for a consultation, do it! And if you are capable of getting it done, go for it! You will be sorry that you didn't do it sooner. I know people that had it done years ago and are very happy with it, and some that have had it done recently, I was skeptical as your eyes are very important to your everyday living, but the technology and advances they have accomplished have to be amazing.

If you click on the above video these are my sentiments!

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!

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