Thursday, November 7, 2013

BaBy GiRl RaG qUiLt

I haven't used my sewing machine in a very long time, so when I decided to make this rag quilt for baby Sophie, I had to read the manual once again........I know blond! Then if the darn thing wouldn't stitch the way tension!! Grrrr!!!!! I don't do well with frustration, I expect things to just work. So finally after a little toll and trouble, I managed to control my urge of throwing the darn thing in the garbage and started sewing......only to have to rip out a whole row of squares........don't worry no lives were lost........
70 backing squares, 2 short......grrr!
Guess I couldn't worries
there was still a meter left at the store!

72+ squares of batting

Thanks to my quilting guru,
there is a pattern :)
Kathy took it home for me
and made a label,
what a nice touch. Thanks GF!

After three hours of NCIS, NCIS LA,
Person of Interest,
 clipping was done and into the
washing machine, the dryer and voila!
A beauty of a rag quilt!

Double trouble Minion hats for my
GF Pam's little grandsons!
Now I am just finishing up a bear hat for a little girl........I bought the pattern from Etsy, but it needed adapting because it wasn't nearly the size I thought it should be, but then I don't crochet like the average crocheter.....why I don't know, but it never seems to be the size of the pattern, either I am too tight or too lose.....but whatever it all works out in the end.

Back at the running again, I had an awesome run on Wednesday which in the beginning I was pretty sure I was going to die, since the previous day I had the "mother" of all migraines and was feeling a tad under the weather, but I REALLY, REALLY wanted to run......and as it turned out, we were out for an hour and a half and it was fantastic. So much fun! I think I really like trail running! I was in a whole new area, so that made it even better.

Well, I guess its that time to bid you adieu......have a great weekend, and if you have a chance to go to a Remembrance Day Ceremony please keep our troops in your prayers and they all return home safely. Good Night!

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