Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hmmm.....not much for superstition

Friday the 13th,  well I never think much about it being an unlucky day, because everyday above ground is a good day!

Well last weekend was spent in Sacramento. Soooo much fun! Seeing all my old running friends was the highlite of the weekend. Amazing good friends, and good times! Now if you know anything about runners you will know that we aren't huge partiers.......because there is always a run on the horizon. A good time was had by all, and the company was fantastic!

The running was fabulous, the weather....... not so much!!!!! People what do you think when you think California? I think decent temperatures and palm trees. Okay lets talk wet, cold, snow, and  okay blue skies and sun.......but -10C and -15C??????? What were they thinking! The cold front that travelled down from Canada definitely made its mark on California.......But being good northern stock we were good with it and I came prepared with a down jacket, and winter running gear. So that part was A-Okay!

A few PR's happened also this weekend, that's runner lingo for Personal Record.....congrats to those girls.

Annie and Joanne, great finishes!

Of course a trip to the States wouldn't be complete without a little shopping and of course, I made sure there was a DSW before I left. So I introduced my GF's to the experience, and all but a few were drawn in "hook, line and sinker"! Glad I could accommodate my shoe loving divas!

New shoes for the season!

So now that I am back home the rush was one to get the house decorated for Christmas. I did a few things before I left but it was seriously lacking my usual fanfare. Having a small house has certainly put a crimper on my decorating frenzy! I still have three trees but in comparison to previous years they all together are the size of one of my big trees......oh well such is life.

Skinny dining room tree

Christmas Party tonight, beautiful red draped dress from Ralph Lauren, gold shoes, yup and thanks to the Fast Metabolism Diet we are all good to go!

Busy week coming up but I will return sooner than later, hopefully! Ciao my friends and enjoy your weekend!

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